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Our History

Over 150 years of Zacco.

A broad longstanding history across Scandinavia, but always looking beyond its borders.

Early clients include Edison’s Lightbulb and Phonograph, Siemens Alternating Current Machines and Microphones, Zeppelin’s Airships, O.Mustad & Son Fishing Equipment, Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Company, Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Factory, Robert Bosch Electric Magnet Igniter, and Marconi’s Wireless Telegraphs and Radios.

Our Beginnings


The story begins with Internationalt Bureau founded in Denmark by Frederik Wolff.


The first official premises open on Rådhusstræde in Copenhagen.


Schønheyder’s Patentkontor is founded by Otto Schønheyder and represents one of Norway’s earliest Patent Bureaus.


Ernst Hjalmar Bruhn begins working with Patent rights in Sweden.


Stockholms Patentbyrå is founded in Stockholm.


Knut Yngve Zacco joins Bruhn, becoming part owner of Stockholms Patentbyrå in Sweden.


At the age of only 25, Alfred. J Bryn joins Schønheyder’s Patent Office, taking over the firm shortly afterwards, when it becomes Bryns Patentkontor.


Frederik Wolff in Denmark hands over control of the company to Peder Hofman-Bang, the company remains co-owned by a member of the Hofman-Bang family for three generations.


Ernest Boutard joins the firm in Denmark and the firm changes its name to become Hofman-Bang & Boutard.


On Ernst Bruhn’s death, his daughter Sigrid Bruhn becomes a member of the board, more than a decade before women achieve the right to vote in Sweden.


Alfred J. Bryn establishes Norsk Forening for Industriel Retsbeskyttelse, a forerunner to the Norwegian Patent Engineers Association.


The end of Our Beginnings

Our Present


Zacco becomes a standalone full service IP firm within the Investcorp Portfolio and continues its journey towards becoming as a global leader within intellectual property.


Zacco is acquired by OpSec Group, a pioneer and market leader in brand protection and authentication solutions.


Zacco acquires Tandberg Innovation, another leading IP firm in the heart of Oslo, with a history stretching back almost as far as our own.


Zacco celebrates its 150th anniversary


Zacco develops our IP outsourcing offer. This year also saw the acquisition of both Patent Nord in Denmark and Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs in India.


Zacco opens our first IP offices in the UK and India. Zacco acquires Patender, a prominent IP consultancy in Denmark.


Zacco launches IP360, a revolutionary new approach to IP. Zacco also acquires Cegumark, a Gothenburg based Patent and Trademark Firm.


Zacco establishes Digital Brand Services and Zacco Digital Trust (as Zacco Innovation Technology) expanding services within domain name management, online brand protection, cyber security and secure development.


Zacco merges with Albihns Patentbyrå. This brings with it Zacco’s first physical location in Germany, which builds on our existing presence in the German market.


Zacco acquires Ipendo AB, an on-demand IP management platform, representing an early understanding of the need for digitalisation


Zacco acquires Wagner AB, strengthening our position in Southern Sweden.


The group name ‘Zacco’ is chosen to represent the merger between Hofman-Bang & Boutard, Lehmann & Ree in Denmark, Bryns Patentkontor in Norway and Stockholms Patentbyrå in Sweden. Three companies whose journeys have intersected throughout their history.