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Zacco feat. Morten Jessel, new Attorney-at-law

20 april 2022

We are glad to say hello and welcome to our newest Attorney-at-law Morten Jessel. Not only has he joined the Zacco office in Copenhagen in March, he has also just passed his final trial exam. Exciting, isn’t it?

Morten Jessel specialises in entertainment law and has been working as an in-house legal manager for a major company within the entertainment industry. Due to his background, he is able to advise on all matters related to entertainment law including the review and drafting of contracts, conducting negotiations and the protection and enforcement of IP rights. Trademark and copyright law also fall within his expertise, and he is able to advise clients on all aspects of these fields.

Morten holds a Master of Laws from the University of Copenhagen from 2015 and a specialised LL.M in Intellectual Property Law from King’s College London from 2016.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Morten to ask him a few questions, please read the interview below.

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